Here at SiTECH, all of our positive and reverse graphics are done using screen printing. We use our proprietary silicone inks that create a cross-link bond to the silicone rubber keypads and components during the curing process. This makes a hard-wearing and long lasting graphic that will last the lifetime of your keypad under normal industry circumstances.

Visually aesthetic graphics can have a large influence on how users feel about your product. A well designed keypad enhances not only the appearance of your product, but can also enhance the functionality of it as well. Below are a few recommendations we frequently give to enhance the design of your silicone rubber keypad and the graphics you intend to have applied.

SiTECH has the capability to accept graphic designs in the following formats:

  • *.ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • *.cdr (Corel Draw)
  • *.pdf (Adobe)
  • *.dwg (Autocad)
  • *.dxf (Autocad)

Graphic Design Considerations:

  • Solid colors can be screened up to the edge of a flat keytop.
  • On curved keytops, solid colors can be screened up to 0.015” to the tangent point of the outer radius.
  • The minimum distance from the edge of a keypads mat to a legend is 0.015”.
  • The minimum line weight for a legend is 0.010”.
  • The minimum text height is 0.050”.
design consideration 3