Graphic Considerations

Over the years, the products that we use every day have undergone various improvements. Automobiles are safer and more efficient, computers are faster and more affordable, and new inventions are enhancing our lives each year. As technology has advanced, it is easy to take the process for granted. However, from the smartphone to electric cars, each new product first began as a concept that needed to be perfected.


The greatest products all begin as a simple idea. At SiTECH we have specialized in helping many different industries turn their ideas into a reality. As engineers begin to think up new designs and new applications for silicone components, SiTECH is here to test these concepts and turn them into a finished product. At SiTECH, we are committed to creating the best products possible, which is why we always work with prototypes in order to refine the design of the finished product.


SiTECH’s rapid prototyping allows companies to visually see any defects that may not be visible during the design process. More often than not, a company will pay for production quality parts, without prototyping there silicone keypads or components. Prototyping has revolutionized the design process, giving companies the ability to save thousands in having to re-work or redesign manufacturing tooling. The prototypes we produce are approximately 90-95% of what you would receive from our manufactured liquid silicone rubber parts. With effective rapid prototyping, concepts can be refined and tweaked in a quick and cost effective manner.

Finished Product

After the rapid prototyping stage, SiTECH is committed to creating a quality lasting product. Each product that we create is made of premium silicone and is constructed at our state of the art facility in Virginia. We create custom silicone keypads that exceed industry specifications and are built to last! No matter the industry, SiTECH has the expertise to create a wide variety of custom keypads and other silicone components. Throughout the entire SiTECH process, our number one goal is to deliver a long lasting finished product that delights. The next time you need to take an idea from concept to finished product, call SiTECH at 757-887-8488.