Working With Colors Within One Delta-E

Here at SiTECH, we can match specified colors for your custom silicone keypads within 1 Delta-E. This means we can match the color of the silicone or any graphic artwork being applied to it. The term Delta-E (dE) is a single number that shows the distance between two colors. The reason we at SiTECH hold… Read more »

How Rubber Keypads Affect Industrial Control Panels for Manufacturing

One popular use for liquid silicone injection molding components is on industrial control panels. When manufacturers are putting together items like power equipment, they need to be sure that their industrial control panels will stand up to possible impacts, regular vibrations, extreme temperatures and long runs on the manufacturing line. Manufacturing equipment, automated devices and… Read more »

Printed Silicone Keypads for Ergonomic Designs

With the increased use of electronic devices and computerized keyboards, carpal tunnel syndrome is becoming a more common ailment among workers across many different industries and job descriptions. There are many new designs in technology that are conscious of this medical problem. One example is the ergonomic keyboard. It is specially shaped to promote hand… Read more »