Custom Keypads: Where Design Meets Function

Liquid silicone rubber molding is one of the best options for molding custom keypads, and components – especially those that have irregular shapes and sizes. During the initial setup and design of production of a silicone rubber keypad or component there are a lot of different options to consider. Luckily at SiTECH we make the… Read more »

How Customized Keypads can Differentiate Your Product

When choosing SiTECH as your silicone rubber keypad manufacturer, you already know you are receiving a high quality customized product. You receive the advantage of rapid prototyping, exclusive coatings, and keypad assembly. Our use of a unique injection molding process combining Dow and GE Silicones offers you a competitive domestic supplier of custom keypads. The… Read more »

What is a Rapid Prototype and How Can it Help You?

The demand for prototypes is growing rapidly. More and more companies are requesting a visual representation of their product for marketing, logistics, and design purposes. Rapid prototypes can be used to help each of these areas within your company, and in a cost effective way. Here at SiTECH we offer silicone rubber rapid prototypes which… Read more »

Just How Rapid Is a Rapid Prototype?

Is your company under a strict time line, with your product under the gun? A silicone rubber rapid prototype could be a useful option to consider. Silicone rubber rapid prototypes allow you to have a visual presentation model in less time than purchasing an aluminum or steel tool. At Si-TECH, we create a rapid prototypes… Read more »

Rapid Prototyping Puts Time on Your Side

Are you pushed for time? With everyone’s schedules becoming increasingly busier and many employees having to do multiple jobs due to companies cutting back on their staffing, people are more pressed for time than ever before. And on top of a time shortage, everyone wants their product NOW! As a first step in assisting you… Read more »

Working With Complex Mold Designs

Silicone rubber is the ideal option when designing components with irregular shapes, sizes and thicknesses, and offers many advantages over other elastomers. When designing and planning production, the most important factor to consider is mold design and characteristics. There are many options to consider, including location of gate, parting lines and tracks, as well as… Read more »