For many years, automobile makers have been seeking out more durable materials to use inside vehicles that will make features faster and easier to use without driving up costs. One solution is the use of custom silicone molding. More durable and attractive than plastic, it can be fabricated by liquid injection molding companies to comply with specific dimensions and colors. Taking a look around the modern vehicle, you’ll probably notice a number of items made of liquid silicone injection molding. Many of them are custom keypads, but there are other parts, too. These are just some of the custom silicone molding parts you may find in your automobile.

Music and Video
From rock to country to classical to talk shows, every driver has a radio preference. Some just prefer it in the off position. Liquid silicone injection molding buttons stationed on the steering wheel let the driver control the sound at the touch of a button. Some radio and video button controls are still located on the dashboard, depending on the type of vehicle. Liquid silicone injection molding keypad switches change the station, function and volume. Choose the right icon printed on the button controls to make a quick adjustment while driving. This is especially helpful for parents with children in the car who need additional entertainment, like watching a movie.

Cruise Control
For long road trips and everyday commutes, the cruise control switch helps you regulate your speed. Some car models use liquid silicone injection molding buttons and keypads with the steering wheel thumb control, while others offer a dashboard feature. Another featureĀ  is backlighting so that users can see when it is turned on and active. TheĀ  controls have some give to them so that drivers can tell when the buttons have been depressed to adjust their speed.

Not everything in today’s vehicles can be controlled from the steering wheel. There has to be room for the driver’s hands to steer. One alternative for additional buttons is the remote control device. Custom keypads on compatible remote controls can manipulate everything from the garage door to the GPS to the seat position. Some remotes have color coding to help you quickly find the right button to push. Other options include backlighting and durable laser marking. Clear windows on the control panel.

Door Locks and Windows
Door locks provide added safety for passenger vehicles. No longer a manual knob on the top of the door, custom keypads on the door panels control single locks. The driver’s control pad handles the passenger’s locks as well. This is an added safety feature, especially at night when passengers have exited the vehicle without locking the door. Rather than leaning over, the driver’s universal locks on custom keypads will control all door locks for safety. Located next to or as part of the door lock custom keypads are the window controls. These often use backlighting when the key is pressed so that the user knows which convenience item has been activated.

Looking around the interior, you’ll find sleek custom silicone molding in the form of gaskets that match the color and material of most of your keypads. They protect your vehicle’s interior panels from impacts, scratches and spills.

Liquid injection molding companies like SiTECH can create almost anything that a vehicle manufacturer can design. It makes the driving experience easier, simpler and safer.