Standard key-based locks can be broken into using lockpicking or bumping techniques easily found in the internet. We’ve seen a growing demand for our custom silicone keypads used in keyless security panels, since these entries are more secure than standard locks.

Dependable Operation

Although locks have to keep intruders out, they also have to allow authorized personnel in. If a keyless panel fails, people may be unable to move through a security door until maintenance can fix the problem. Our custom silicone keypads are rigorously tested and we use only high-quality contacts that stand up to heavy use. For even greater reliability, we suggest our Si Coat V conductive coating that offers exceptional wear resistance that will last for over a million activations.

Si Tech molded keypads are crafted as single pieces to eliminate the chance of moisture getting into the internal electronics. This in addition to the natural qualities of silicone, including temperature tolerance and UV resistance, makes our panels ideally suited for outdoor use. The moisture and chemical resistance also make it harder for a vandal to damage the panel by dousing it with water, acids or oxidizing chemicals.

Sharp, Readable Graphics

Users shouldn’t have to hesitate to make out they keys. Whether you want standard 4×3 numeric displays or more complex panels with many keys for more secure passwords, our specialized silicone inks create sharp, high-contrast graphics that are easy to see in a variety of lighting conditions and will last for many years.

Many of our custom silicone keypads intended for security panels enhance their graphics with the Si Tech LaserEdge laser marking system. This not only enhances the graphics, but prepares the keys for backlit displays. The addition of backlighting makes the keys much easier to read even in low light or total darkness. Obviously a security entry should be well lit, but a burned out light bulb shouldn’t leave your personnel fumbling in the dark trying to remember the layout of the keys.

Security Problems From Worn Keys

The biggest security problem with keyless entry panels comes from worn graphics. Some of our competitor’s keypad use decals or inexpensive inks on the keys. As the same code is typed in over and over, day after day these cheap markings wear off. By noting which keys are worn, and intruder can quickly narrow down what the possible codes are. A keypad that would take hours to brute force the codes can now be cracked in seconds.

Si Tech’s custom silicone keypads don’t use these easily worn markings. Our durable markings won’t wear quickly even under heavy use, especially when combined with LaserEdge marking. Si Coat I improves abrasion resistance even further, so it will be a very long time before the keys or markings show any noticeable sign of wear.