As technology has moved forward, it seems like nearly every piece of hardware has a touch screen interface. Touchscreens have become a hit with consumers on products such as the iPad and other tablets and smartphones. Computers have been controlled by a mouse and keyboard for nearly two decades, but even this type of equipment is not immune to change as some laptop and desktops are now controlled by a touchscreen.  Although there’s no denying the popularity of touchscreens, this type of technology is not always better. In fact, for keypads touchscreens can often interfere with the usability of the keyboard.


It isn’t very hard to find someone with a touchscreen that has been cracked or damaged.  When an interface is built completely out of glass, it significantly reduces the strength of the product. For keypads used in the auto, military, or aeronautic industries, fragile touchscreens are often unable to withstand rugged use over time. This often leads to a higher cost for keypads.


The cost of a keypad can be a significant factor when deciding between a touchscreen or physical buttons. Silicone, due to its low initial cost is almost always a less expensive option. When you consider silicone’s resilience and durability, it also saves money over time. With silicone, you can avoid the significant replacement and repair costs that are likely to come with a glass touch screen.

Ease of Use

Anyone who has attempted to use a touchscreen with gloves or damp hands can tell you how difficult it is. In many applications, constantly removing gloves is simply not an option. Touchscreens also become extremely temperamental around water. Often times, the presence of moisture confuses touchscreens and cause improper commands to be entered, which could lead to major mistakes. With a full range of custom keys and features from silicone keypads, pressing the wrong key can be avoided.

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