Silicone rubber is made up of silicone (a polymer) containing silicone with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. At SiTECH, we used Dow and GE Silicones – combined with our technology and high-quality materials, we can provide you with a better quality custom keypad compared to other competitors.

Liquid & Gumstock

Silicone material is supplied to our industry in two forms, liquid and gumstock. Liquid silicone is a two-part system mixed as it is used, whereas gumstock is a one-part system that has a shelf life. Both liquid and gumstock are heat cured. Liquid silicone has the consistency of Vaseline, and gumstock is more like putty.

Silicone is measured for hardness on a Shore A (10 to 80) scale, the lower the number – the more silicone there is and the softer the product feels. The higher the number means the less silicone in there and the more filler there is in the product, causing it to feel harder. Fillers can reduce elongation, compression, set, tear and tensile strength. There are many manufacturers of silicone to choose from, here at SiTECH, we use Dow and GE because of their quality rating for consistency and traceability.


Silicone rubber provides good resistance to extreme temperatures and is the go-to selection when a business needs a material to retain its initial strength and shape under stress or temperatures.  Silicone rubber is considered highly inert and does not react with most chemicals, which makes it ideal for medical or even food applications. Silicone rubber provides a longer service life and is often unaffected by weather, be it rain, snow, humidity or the sun’s UV rays.


One of the additional benefits of silicone is the variety of options that are offered by the material. From flexibility and resilience to color options, hardness options – whatever need you have for your silicone keyboard, we have got you covered. At SiTECH, our products are ITAR-compliant, which helps us provide products to support our military and other subcontractors and ensure that the product they need can withstand any and all circumstances.


Our silicone rubber keypads are not only designed for military uses, we are able to provide customized keypads and products to the medical, hospitality, manufacturing and automotive industry.  But, did you know that our products have even made their way into your home. Silicone rubber products can be found in everyday appliances in your living room, your kitchen or even your garage!

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