As companies improve their surveillance and performance in outbuildings in large industrial complexes, the equipment is fitted with the latest in technology. This is critical for properties such as laboratories, power plants and electronic equipment storage. As with many types of new technology, industrial control pads are fitted with customer rubber keypads to improve response times, safety and convenience. Personnel are able to access important information in every building without ever leaving the main building.

Climate Control
When temperature is a critical element in outbuilding function and safety, personnel can access units remotely to monitor and adjust climate control. Custom rubber keypads can be designed to denote arrows up and down to make slight adjustments or use numeric rubber keypads to enter specific digits as needed. The temperature can be monitored through remote rubber keypads. Climate control applications might include regulating temperatures for sensitive computer equipment, liquid materials and even warehouse workers.

Smoke and Fire
Safety features like smoke detectors and fire alarms are automated to alert those in the building as well as at the control center and in fire and rescue facilities. Many remote control systems are now designed to allow users at another location to deactivate and activate bells and alarms through custom rubber keypad designs. Keypad shapes and colors help personnel to quickly activate alarms and halt false signals as needed. These controls are easy to see and use.

Security Cameras
Remote security functions are another safety element in place with the latest technology in surveillance. Outbuildings and warehouses spread out over a large complex were once at risk for security breaches and unknown incidents. Use of custom silicone keypads in remote control systems enables agencies and companies to track video surveillance from afar. Dialing up a camera position or adjusting the feed can be done using restricted access. Numeric security codes allow feed monitoring by cleared personnel stationed at a central post or from another office. Manipulation of camera angles and activation of video monitoring can be achieved through custom rubber keypads with a variety of shapes, as well as through digital keys.

While remote access is important for safety and security, it is also critical that anyone in danger in these same buildings can access basic controls as well. The ability for custom silicone keypads to resist chemicals and extreme temperatures, including outdoor placement, makes them more versatile for the company.

As industrial companies expand and upgrade their operations, they must also upgrade their safety and surveillance of outbuildings and warehouses in large complexes. Modern technology has opened the door for improved efficiency and security through the use of remote control custom rubber keypads.

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