As Santa Claus plans his trip from the North Pole to make a pass across the globe, he packs his sleigh with toys for children everywhere. Unfortunately, Santa Claus is so old that his original sleigh didn’t have injection molded silicone components. Imagine how much faster his sleigh would be, and durable too, if it was outfitted with the latest technology in custom rubber molding.


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Let’s see what the wonders of custom silicone rubber molding and the elves at SiTECH could do for Santa’s sleigh and the harness set-up for his eight reindeer.

1. Grommets and Drain Plugs

Drain holes in the bottom of the sleigh, fitted precisely with custom plugs made in the liquid silicone injection molding process, would assist in sleigh-ride aerodynamics. They could be removed to drain off accumulated rain and melted snow that weigh down his sleigh.

2. Runners

Silicone rubber runners on the bottom of the sleigh prevent metal-on-metal landings on tin roofs – with a much quieter landing, and a smoother one, too. This would keep down the clatter, and little ones would stay nestled, all snug in their beds until morning.

3. Night Vision

Rudolph’s shiny red nose isn’t always enough to light the way on dark and stormy nights. Military-quality night vision goggles would improve Santa’s visibility range so he can see the homes and come in for the perfect landing every time. Liquid silicone rubber molding can be used for gaskets to hold the goggles together and protect them from the perils of cold weather, high altitude and swift flight.

4. Reins

Injection molded silicone tubing makes for a snug fit over the reins to give Santa better grip and prevent ice from forming during his trip around the world. Custom silicone rubber molding is more durable than the leather reins that he has used for years to help guide his reindeer.

5. Instrument Panel

What if the elves added computerized gadgets to his sleigh? A custom silicone rubber keypad on his instrument panel would add speed and better maneuverability to his ride. With a little help from elf technology and SiTECH engineers, he could have turbo power boosters encased in liquid silicone rubber molding to increase his efficiency. Backlit rubber keypads would add a soft glow to help him find the right buttons for gadgets on his control panel. An electronic display of his naughty and nice lists in a custom panel window could help him to deliver toys – and coal – to the right girls and boys without delay.

6. Aerodynamics

When leaving the North Pole, Santa’s old metal sleigh would surely be encrusted with ice and snow, making take-offs and landings tricky. Rubber molding across the front would prevent friction and minimize ice build-up to improve aerodynamics and shorten his flight time.

7. Reindeer Upgrades

Let’s not forget Dasher, Dancer and the rest of the faithful steeds. Some snow goggles outfitted with silicone rubber trim would provide a comfortable fit and improve their visibility, preventing hazardous landings.

As Santa Claus’ big trip around the world draws closer, his elves will be getting his sleigh and the reindeer ready. Maybe next year he can upgrade to a more efficient, more aerodynamic model and have a smoother flight with a little elfin magic and some help from some silicone rubber molding experts.