Rubber molding components are versatile enough to use in a variety of places. One environment where they are very useful is in a rugged environment. Whether liquid silicone injection molding is used for rubber keypads, as gaskets or to protect precious electronic equipment, it can withstand conditions that would make most people shudder. Consider the military silicone rubber keypad. Attach one to a motion sensor or computer equipment and you will be able to increase surveillance or communications in desert-like conditions.

Rugged Components
The ruggedized military silicone rubber keypad can be used in extreme heat without melting. As a result, it is effective for outdoor operations where it is sitting in the sun. Plastic components tend to crack or melt under these conditions. Liquid silicone injection molding can also shield keyboards and electronic equipment from penetration in a sand storm. The typical plastic keyboard will act as a magnet for sand, grit and dust between the keys and allow it to penetrate every crevice on an electronic machine.

The difference with military silicone rubber molding components is that they can create a seal over important electronic systems and parts. Like all liquid silicone injection molding components, it is possible to add a special coating to military silicon rubber molding to minimize any effects from abrasion. At SiTECH, we use a specially designed protective coating called Si Coat I. Si Coat I prolongs wear and prevents surface marring from heavy use. This makes it even more durable and useful in rugged conditions. As a result, these military devices will stand up to the worst day on a desert mission.

Water Resistant
While liquid silicone injection molding is durable enough to use in desert conditions, it is also versatile enough to get wet. Whether it’s a splash of water from a nearby faucet or a long swim with an underwater device, rubber molding components will not lose their functionality.

ITAR Certified
One of the requirements of military components is that they are made in compliance with certain military specifications. The color, size, shape, material and thickness of all items fabricated for military use is strictly regulated. Military silicone rubber molding components also fall under the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) requirement, which is also strictly regulated. As a result, only ITAR-certified molding companies like SiTECH can make these parts for U.S. military use.

Whether you plan to use liquid silicone injection molding components in a regular environment or a rugged one, keep in mind that it is a durable addition to control panels, medical and military devices.