When designing intricate designs on silicone molded parts, a laser can be important for clean and precise details. Here at SiTECH, we have vast experience with the use of lasers in the process of marking and etching parts with exceptional quality. With the use of our LaserEdge system, small font sizes and detailed graphics are completed with ease.

A laser removes material very efficiently, because the laser beam itself can be designed to deliver energy to the surface of the silicone rubber in a manner which converts a significant percentage of light into energy. In keypad laser etching, for example, any patterns can be produced by programming the laser to transverse a particular path. The trace of the beam itself is controlled to achieve a constant removal depth of silicone rubber. The laser is also programmed in a way where the beam itself avoids crisscrossed paths; whereas the etched surfaces are only exposed to the beam once, so the same amount of material is removed evenly.

Some of the many uses for laser etching include molding a silicone component clear, then coating it in its final color and etching out a design so that the component can be backlit. The system can also be used to cut adhesives to the exact design of keypads or components to add value to your product. Our laser system, combined with proprietary screened silicone inks, abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant coating, offer you a complete set of features to meet your product requirements.

LaserEdge marking is an economical process, especially for higher volume orders. It is a fast, accurate, versatile process that can reduce time-consuming steps and increase productivity while enhancing the appearance of your product. In turn, the pricing of the products made using this system can benefit and raise profit potential for your application. Silicone rubber is a great product to work with when incorporating laser technologies because of it resistance to extreme temperature without ill effect.

LaserEdge is the solution for all your custom silicone needs, including elaborate legends, in a variety of key shapes and many other desirable features that can be economically produced. The system is a cost effective solution with excellent durability and abrasion resistance. It can also shorten lead times and mark on flat, curved or irregular surfaces. SiTECH is your domestic supplier for all of your custom state-of-the-art silicone production needs. We make all of our products in the United States.

To learn more about our laser marking services, visit www.sitech-corp.com/laser/. To discuss the many options and features we have to offer for your silicone custom products, call us at 757-887-8488 or use our contact form to request a quote today.