Working in low-lit areas has its advantages and disadvantages. Dim lighting is used in modern technology to create an atmosphere that allows special effects or sophisticated machinery to work. On the other hand, it’s hard to see in the dark without enhancements.

One example is in the medical field. Modern technology uses various types of x-rays, gamma rays and other energy waves to take physical measurements of the human body in hospitals, clinics and radiology offices. Depending on the test, this helps to detect medical problems and measure the presence of radiation and other biological and chemical substances. In many cases, low light creates a better contrast for medical tests, giving more precise and telling results. The problem becomes: How do the medical professionals running the equipment use the correct settings and functions in low lighting? It’s hard to see standard control panels in dim or dark conditions, and depressing the wrong button could have disastrous effects on either the patient or the test results.

Since these types of tests are usually expensive to perform and subject the patient to energy waves that are unsafe in high doses, it is important to do them right the first time. Using backlit medical silicone rubber molding keypad components is a simple way to stay efficient and safe in a healthcare environment. Once a person or object is in place and the test is ready to perform, the room lights can be lowered without any concern for accuracy on the control panels. SiTECH can create medical keypad molding that illuminates just enough to make the buttons clear and usable in dim lighting without compromising the integrity of the tests.

Our silicone rubber medical keypad molding components can be imprinted with lettering and symbols that will not only show up with backlighting to help the user depress the right controls, but are also visible in regular lighting conditions when not in use. This helps medical staff to determine whether the machine is powered up for service or turned off until it is needed. It is also ideal for those in training that need to learn key sequences before actually using them on a patient. Visual cues aside, medical silicone rubber molding keypad components can be marked with laser etching as a cost efficient and visually effective way to work with technologically advanced machinery and medical silicone rubber molding without increasing the equipment price out of range.