1.28 blogWith increasing time constraints and demand for samples and visual references, rapid prototyping became a necessity for companies to utilize. Here at SiTECH, we offer the capability to rapid prototype liquid silicone rubber into keypads, and components. Our rapid prototyping offers: shorter lead times of 2-3 weeks, reduced product development, cost design validation, market presentation aides, and form fit and function analysis. If you are planning on creating or modifying a product, our rapid prototype process can greatly reduce your research and development time. The prototypes we produce are approximately 90-95% of what you would receive from our manufactured liquid silicone rubber parts.

Whether it is being used for marketing, engineering or just a visual aid in the product development stages of your product, rapid prototyping is an essential tool that should be utilized. One of the biggest areas rapid prototypes are used is product marketing. Within marketing, rapid prototypes can be used to assist in the sales of products to customers by offering a tangible representation of what the end product would look like. These prototypes can also be used to evaluate product usability with focus groups.

The ability to visual see any defects or flaws in a design should be one of the most utilized reasons for obtaining a rapid prototype. This allows for various changes to be made to the product that does not affect manufacturing tooling. By utilizing rapid prototypes efficiently, you can eliminate the need to have re-work or multiple production tools to be made. Here at SiTECH, our prototypes allow you to evaluate the form fit and function of your silicone keypads proto VS productionor components. Utilizing a rapid prototype correctly, can decrease the amount of time spent in product development, and cost design validation.


We are rapid prototypes are made by using a 3D-printed version of your component or keypad, and creating a mold based off of it. Our molds for prototypes typically last for about 10 runs each. This process while effective for part testing and evaluation should not be used for production purposes. Our parts are approximately 90-95% of a standard production part. This is due to the differences between injection molding and rapid prototyping.

From concept to manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping is the most cost effective solution for your organization. When getting your product to market on time and within the target cost is important, call on the company that offers the technical support with the engineering experience to deliver your prototype. Call SiTECH at 757-887-8488 or submit a quote online here.