With the growth of global trade comes the responsibility of merchants, distributors and manufacturers to make sure that they are in compliance with the US government’s International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) regulations every step of the way in the supply chain, while still providing a usable and technically sound product. At Si-Tech, we take ITAR very seriously. We are a registered manufacturer of ITAR certified rubber keyboard components. We understand the importance of recordkeeping and supplying our customers with the necessary paperwork they need to remain ITAR compliant themselves. We keep track of the proper category and subset numbers and document everything as required by ITAR regulations.

One area where we find ITAR compliance especially important to our customers is for their manufacture of military products. Silicone keypads are used for any number of purposes on military equipment. If you have a simple or complex component with keypad capabilities, we can make the necessary military silicone rubber molding that will fit in with your design. When you have a piece with removable parts or controls, we use ITAR certified rubber molding to conform to your design. We offer backlit controls and abrasion resistant coding. If you have questions or concerns over how to make your design conform to the strict government specification, we can help you with our experience in what works and what doesn’t.  We can produce a prototype for you to work with for sample, too.