It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As the weather turns colder and the season changes, everyone can begin looking forward to December. However, Christmas means winter, and this change means its time to bring out the gloves, coats, and hats. As anyone’s mother would tell you, keeping warm is important not only to protect you from the elements, but also to keep your immune system running well in order to avoid the cold or flu. When it comes to weatherproofed silicone parts, the same concept is true. Silicone keypads and other products also need to be protected from water, dirt, chemicals and more in order to function properly. Here are the key reasons why weatherproof and wear resistant parts are important.


Regardless of what the industry or application may be, silicone products are often used in high-pressure situations. From the front lines of the military to the fight to save a life in a hospital, keypads need to work reliably. If a keypad is not weatherproofed or resistant to elements, it runs a far higher risk of malfunctioning. With such a critical role to play, it is important to ensure that keypads function properly when they need to most.


Although functioning in a high-pressure situation is a crucial part of a quality keypad, it is also important that the same keypad is able to function properly for its entire product life. When creating a product, it is only as durable as its weakest part. With weatherproof silicone products, you can be sure that as the product ages and receives more use, it will stand the test time.


Most products that break down usually need to be repaired or replaced. However you slice it, these two outcomes both require paying for something that you already had. The solution? Purchasing quality products from the beginning to reduce replacement costs in the long run. It’s just another way that weatherproof and wear resistant parts are crucially important.

Silicone products may not be on your Christmas list this year, but we’re willing to bet that many of the gifts unwrapped this holiday season contain parts made of durable and weatherproof silicone components. If you’re in need of silicone solutions for your next product, there’s no need to look under the tree, just contact SiTECH to learn more.