Liquid silicone injection molding is the preferred option for producing custom silicone rubber keypads and components. It is a superior production method for efficiency, as well as the highest quality repeatable results for the life of the product. Injection molding is a highly controlled method of production allowing for precision, especially when critical tolerances are required.

Design Details

Liquid silicone injection molding has many advantages over other production methods. With the proper design, irregular or custom shapes can be molded with ease. A variety of surface finishes are available to fit any need. With custom designed molds, insert molding can be used to mold backlit parts for a variety of keypad applications. Undercuts are a recess built into a part’s design to create a tight seal, helping to keep out dust, liquids and gases. This allows for one-piece construction of the component being produced.


Customizing your product can help it stand out in the market. Colors can be added in the initial molding process and/or be screen printed after molding. Screen printing on your product can increase the functionality and performance. With in-house screen-making and artwork, parts can be screened in a wide array of complex designs, even on irregular shapes and sizes.


Once screened, there are proprietary coating options available to protect your device. Si Coat I is a formula designed for superior abrasion resistance, and provides a clean matte finish. Si Coat II is a coating designed for the resistance of harsh petroleum-based chemical and also provides the clean matte finish. In addition, we offer an adhesive Primer system called Si Prime, which allows your component to be attached to a variety of adhesives.

Additional Options

Value added service can help reduce the overall production cost of a component and bring your product to market sooner. Custom cut adhesive layers, metal or polyester dome setup and installation, and PCB assemblies are of the most common value added services. Sales support for all technical questions, rapid prototyping and prompt quoting replies help SiTECH support your component through production.

We use the latest in liquid silicone injection molding technology and use the highest quality raw materials exclusively from GE and DOW to guarantee quality. Our services will help you bring your product to market quickly at a lower overall cost. At SiTECH, you can trust our experience and expertise to guide the successful production and implementation of your custom silicone project.