bonding coatingThe word bond could have several different meanings, but this article has nothing to do with your favorite British secret agent. It also has nothing to do with that investment your grandmother made for you on your 12th birthday. The bonding I’m referring to is an adhesive that connects a silicone keypad to the keypad switches. Without proper bond coating, silicone keypads are unable to function properly. So what exactly is bond coating, and what options are available to you in order to ensure that your keypad is reliable and durable?

Bond coating is a technological breakthrough that solves the problem of bonding rubber to switches made of polyester. Before bond coating, keypads and switches were bonded mechanically, which is a far more expensive and time consuming method. The bond coating process is far more efficient and simple. At SiTECH, we begin by taking a thin coating of Si Prime™ bond coating and adding it the underbelly of the silicone keypad array. Then, after it is combined with a hi holding acrylic adhesive, the bond is strong enough to with stand significant use in nearly any application.

SiTECH’s bonding capabilities are field proven with over one million units deployed in a wide variety of industries. As these units remain in the field, we are confident that they will continue to function properly. Compared to other bonding methods, SiTECH has outperformed the competition in bonding strength and durability! This is because we have designed our bonding strength to increase over time. From the military to medical industries, our bond coating is engineered to provide the perfect silicone keypad experience over the life of your product.

Even though this type of Bond may never drive an Aston Martin, these keypads are widely used in the automotive industry. And when your grandmother purchased that bond from a bank teller, it’s possible that the point of sale system was using a silicone keypad. Everywhere you look, SiTECH’s bond coating system is at work, ensuring that your keypad products are working their very best. After all, our mission has always been to ensure that you receive the finest service and best possible price. Give us a call today if we can answer any questions about your next silicone keypad project!