laserlargeRemember when you had an old flip-phone with a traditional keypad? If it was anything like mine, the keypad eventually became worn out and unreadable. When it comes to silicone keypads, LaserEdge ™ from Si-Tech solves this problem. When making a silicone keypad, it is crucial to ensure that the keypad is user-friendly and readable. There are many design and engineering variables that determine the ease of use of a keypad, and one of the most important is the marking on the keys. Every key on a keypad corresponds to a different use, and unless you intend to memorize what each one does, they will need to be marked with identifiers, such as numbers letters or symbols. This is where laser marking comes in.


LaserEdge ™ is…

In order to solve the issue of worn out keys on keypads, SiTECH developed LaserEdge ™, a system that utilizes lasers to create precise marking on silicone keys. Compared to other marking technologies, LaserEdge ™ allows accurate marking to be completed in a single step, which efficiently produces a durable and accurate keypad. Laser marking allows keypads to be marked with a high quality permanent symbol that is useful for many applications!

I need LaserEdge ™ if…

Using LaserEdge ™ technology will enhance any silicone keypad, but there are a few applications that make it particularly useful. When silicone keypads require backlighting, laser marking is an obvious pairing because it allows key tops to be marked in a way that light can flow through the silicone plastic, producing a backlit finish.

Many industries use LaserEdge ™ technology including, medical, military, and automotive. In the medical industry accuracy is vitally important and keypads must be marked clearly at all times. The advantage of LaserEdge ™ in the medical field is the ability to hold up under high-use situations, allowing doctors and nurses to continue to use equipment without worry that that the keys on medical equipment will become worn or unreadable.

For military applications, keypads may take many forms and require special symbols. LaserEdge ™ technology allows keys to be marked with many different symbols in a very cost-effective way. Other marking technologies are more expensive, less durable, and they do not allow a dynamic, cost-effective marking system.

LaserEdge ™ is just one of the unique features that go into creating a superior keypad. In order to get the best keypad for your product, contact SiTECH today!