One of the main reasons some product designers choose molded rubber products is for their usefulness in backlighting. Backlighting enables a button on a rubber keypad to be illuminated from behind. The key and the lettering on it are more visible to the user. This makes operation of the rubber keypads more visible and therefore more accurate. Backlit keypads can be used in a variety of machines and formats, from military keypad molding to medical devices to heavy machinery. They minimize the lead time from product design to manufacture because their graphics can be changed on the fly during the designing and manufacturing processes.

Military Keypad Uses
Backlit rubber keypad and molding usage in military designs is often critical to the success of the product. For example, a device used in a dark room must still be accurate and easy to read. Backlighting provides the necessary illumination without compromising the rest of the environment. Military keypad molding often must also must be durable and quiet. A quiet environment is necessary in sensitive situations, such as military operations or in diagnostic testing for geological projects. When choosing a company to provide military keypad manufacturing, it is usually necessary to choose an International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) certified manufacturer to produce all necessary components. SiTECH is an ITAR certified rubber molding company with all of the proper procedures and paperwork necessary to comply with government regulations.

Medical Devices and Machinery
The technology used to create medical devices and machinery has come a long way over the past few decades. The use of backlit rubber keypads that fit nearly any design are part of the reason for these new developments. Diagnostic machines and automated devices, such as blood pressure measurements, X-ray machines and laser devices for surgery, are all prime candidates for backlit rubber keypad usage.

Heavy Machinery
One of the advantages to using the backlit rubber keypad for heavy machinery controls is that the buttons don’t have to be flat. They can be convex or concave, which improves efficiency and comfort for the user. The keypad’s surface can be smooth or uneven and take on any number of shapes. When using custom silicone keypads to operate heavy machinery, the user also has the peace of mind that comes with feeling the button move when it has been pressed or touched. This prevents the question of whether or not a process has been stopped or started. This is especially helpful in product designs where pushing a button once starts it and hitting the same button again stops it.

SiTECH has a team of engineers capable of reading product design plans and blueprints. Our team can also help to make the design process on custom silicone keypads easier by providing input on what works, what doesn’t and what’s necessary to bring your product to completion.