Graphic ConsiderationsYou may not realize it, but we encounter silicone rubber everyday of our lives. As you drive your car to work, silicone rubber is under the hood. When you go for a checkup at the doctor, the medical components are made with silicone. During your last home improvement project, you may have used silicone as a sealant. So what is it about this product that makes it so useful in a wide variety of applications? The answer is found in its chemical makeup. The reason silicone injection molding is so popular today is due to the unique properties of the substance making it one of the most resistant to chemical change. In other words, silicon injection molding has become the go-to solution for volatile environments.


The beauty of silicone is found when you break down its chemical structure. By adjusting the chemical formula slightly, the structure of a silicone is changed and adapted for a different use. This is why silicone is used in such a wide variety of industries and products. From hair care, to automotive head gaskets, and even in space exploration – silicone has proven to be a versatile element.


Besides, its versatility, silicone is also remarkable for its stability. When creating a product using injection molding, it’s important to ensure that it is going to hold up when exposed to a variety of environments. Thankfully, silicone by its nature is extremely resistant to change. Whether exposed to thermal, chemical, or electromagnetic influences, silicone remains stable and resistant to change within these volatile environments.


Due to its versatility and stability, Silicone has become a widely used element in many industries including:

  • Textiles, Leather & Fibers
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Chemical
  • Coatings and Adhesives
  • Consumer Care
  • Electronics

At SiTECH, our state of the art silicone injection molding has created silicone products for many of these industries. If you’re designing a product that would benefit from a custom silicone keypad, or other silicone component, then look no further. Give us a call today at 757-887-8488 and let us answer your questions about the ways SiTECH can help improve your next product!