SiCoat V ™ is a proprietary conductive silicone based coating developed by SiTECH Corp. for use in silicone keypad applications.

Si Coat V ™ is an outstanding wear resistant conductive coating offering a homogeneous cross link bond to SiTECH’s silicone keypad products. Under independent laboratory testing, conductive pads with Si Coat V ™ surpassed more than one million actuation cycles with negligible increase in resistivity. Elaborate conductive pads and shapes and other desirable features can be economically produced to provide unique, application specific keypads.

Si Coat V ™ complements our proprietary screened silicone inks, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant coatings, adhesive primer and liquid injection molding process offering you a complete set of features to meet your product requirements.

SiTECH’s state of the art process, combination of technology and quality provide unique, application specific keypads solutions from a competitive domestic manufacturer of silicone rubber products.

Si Coat V ™ offers:

  • Low cost design solution
  • More than one million actuation cycles
  • Low contact resistance
  • Homogeneous cross link for permanent bond
  • Design flexibility for different conductive pad shapes and uneven surfaces
  • E.M.I. shielding
  • No flaking, chipping

SiTECH Corp. brings together the technology, engineering expertise and innovative skills to model rubber keypads quickly and effectively from concept to final product. We offer the resources of an experienced engineering group that is both aggressive and committed to accelerating your product to market.

When your product needs a low cost solution in a high usage application , Si Coat V ™ with our silicone keypads is the solution for your product.

Proven success in industries such as:

  • Medical devices
  • Machine/Tools
  • Laboratory instrumentation
  • Industrial equipment
  • Point of sales
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Military
  • Aerospace

SiTECH’s mission is to insure you receive the finest service and the best possible product, every time. We have the resources, capabilities and technology to support your designs.