LaserEdge ™ is a proprietary laser marking system developed by SiTECH Corp. for use in silicone keypad applications. LaserEdge ™ is specially suitable for applications requiring backlighting.

Keytops are marked with no discoloration of the underlying color or molded translucent silicone material. It creates an exceptional durable marking with superior quality even when small font sizes and detail graphics are involved.

Complemented with our online high volume manufacturing, LaserEdge ™ marking is one of the most economical, fast and versatile marking process. It allows us to reduce multistep processes and increase productivity while
enhancing your product appearance. In addition, SiTECH’s LaserEdge ™ system’s attractive pricing allows your company to realize the maximum profit potential for your application.

LaserEdge ™ complements our proprietary screened silicone inks, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant coatings, adhesive primer and liquid injection molding process. These exclusive innovations offer you a complete
set of features to meet your product requirements.

Elaborate legends, key shapes and other desirable features can be economically produced to provide unique, application specific keypads.

laserlargeLaserEdge ™ offers:

  • Very cost effective marking solution
  • Durability and wear resistant
  • Medium to high volume manufacturing
  • Shorter lead times
  • Graphic changes “on the fly”
  • Marking on flat, curved, or irregular surfaces

SiTECH’s state of the art process combines technology and quality to provide application specific keypads
solutions from a competitive domestic manufacturer of silicone rubber products. SiTECH has an extensive background in silicone rubber applications as well as in research and development of new keypad technology and processes. Our proven experience enables us to bring together technology, engineering expertise and innovative skills to model rubber keypads quickly and effectively from concept to final product. We offer the resources of an experienced engineering group that is both aggressive and committed to accelerating your product to market. When your product needs a low cost solution in a high usage application, LaserEdge ™ system with our silicone keypads is the solution for your product.

Proven success in industries such as:

  • Telephones & pagers
  • Computers and Peripherals
  • Audio/Video Equipment
  • Point of Sale
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Medical Equipment
  • Military
  • Aerospace

SiTECH’s mission is to insure our customers receive the finest service and the best possible product, every time. We have the resources, capabilities and technology to support your designs.