It is important to consider what method of molding a silicone rubber manufacturer uses when deciding to choose one. There are a few different methods of molding silicone components, each with their own benefits and disadvantages. The main methods used are compression molding and liquid silicone injection molding (LIM).

Compression Molding:
This is the simplest form of silicone rubber molding, but it is also an open-air labor intensive process. This allows for the possibility of contamination to get into the silicone. Compression molding also has the use of fillers that are added to the silicone to lower the cost of material for manufacturing.

Liquid Silicone Molding:
Liquid silicone injection molding or LIM, is a custom injection molding method of liquid silicone rubber (LSR). While normal injection molding typically uses a High Consistency Rubber (HCR) which is also known as gum stock, LIM uses a high viscosity liquid silicone rubber and consists of two parts. Liquid silicone also cures at a much faster rate than typical gum stock, allowing for frequently lower piece prices and the desired choice for high volume orders.

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