Not all keypads are created equal, so what is it that sets the best apart from the rest? Here are our 5 key ingredients to creating a truly effective keypad:


Imagine that you are at a car dealership looking for a very specific red Porsche 911 GT Turbo. You know exactly the type of car and features that you are looking for, but it’s not there. In fact, as you look around the lot, all you can see are grey Toyota Camrys; there’s nothing wrong with a Toyota, but it doesn’t exactly fit the need that you have.

Customization is vital to creating almost any product, but especially a keypad. Each keypad is designed for a specific use and application – no matter the industry, from automotive to aeronautics; each keypad is designed for a specific purpose. Anytime you’re creating a keypad, it should be customizable down to the specs and features you desire.


When you invest in a product, it is important that the product will last. Over the lifetime of the product, even gentle usage will cause wear and tear. Therefore, a key ingredient for creating an effective keypad is making it with high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.


Half a century ago, Apple Computers introduced the new MacBook Air, consumers were so surprised by the thin and light laptop, but they were furious about the omission of one key feature – the backlit keyboard. Needless to say, the backlighting was a crucial feature for anyone who wanted to use a computer in the dark. The same is true for silicone keypads, no matter what your keypad application, an effective keypad will be backlit and easily used in dim lighting.

User-friendly Interface

One of the greatest benefits of creating a custom silicone keypad is the ability to design a user interface that fits the unique needs or your product. SiTECH Corp provides silicone keypads to medical products, consumer electronics, automotive industries, and a host of other markets. Each market requires a user interface that is unique to each application.


SiTECH supplies many keypads to the military – a market that requires a unique level of durability. However, even if your keypad doesn’t require Army grade toughness, you can rest assured that a SiTECH Keypad will have the strength to perform when you need it most.