Rapid Prototyping

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for a new product, but you weren’t able to turn that idea into a reality? This has been a struggle for entrepreneurs, designers and businesses for many years. Throughout history, it has been a difficult process to take a product from idea to production, but through technology, this process is changing.

A relatively new process known as “rapid prototyping” is revolutionizing the way we are able to bring products and ideas to market. Essentially, this technology takes a product design on a computer and turns it a physical product without the need for elaborate and time-consuming machine set up. In the same way that a printer takes an image from screen to paper, rapid prototyping takes a design and turns it into a physical model made of silicone or other materials. To learn more about rapid prototyping and about the benefits for your business, look at the following advantages

Easily Change Product Details

The first iteration of a product is rarely the edition that is released for sale because designs are tweaked and improvements are made on these products. If your business has a new product that you are considering, rapid prototyping will allow you to make the changes that you desire on that product and receive updated prototypes with a very quick turn around. Whether you are looking to create a brand new product or revise and existing one, rapid prototyping creates many options for fast changes.

Create Better Overall Products

Rapid prototyping allows businesses to create better overall products because they are tested more thoroughly before they are launched to the public. This is due to the ability to receive prototypes with less time and expense than other methods. Because rapid prototyping has made it much easier to receive a prototype with specific and intricate details, your final product will be better suited for launch.

Explain Product Ideas

Explaining ideas can be a challenge for entrepreneurs or engineers who have come up with a new product concept. Even with an accurate drawing or computer-generated design, nothing beats holding the actual product in your hand. Why try to pitch an idea to an investor or a superior with merely a design? Rapid prototyping gives you the ability to hold your product and thoroughly experience it before mass production.

At SiTECH, we create silicone products using rapid prototyping, which gives our customers the ability to feel and experience their products hands on before producing them at scale. Whether you’re creating a new product, or modifying an existing one, SiTECH’s rapid prototyping will save your business time and money in the product development process. When there’s a race to get a product to market, make sure you beat your competitors to the punch by taking advantage of rapid prototyping from SiTECH Corp