medical-dental-molded-rubberNew strides technology are changing the tools and capabilities of dentistry. Many of the new products and processes involve silicone rubber. It can be sterilized for use in patient care, procedures and appliances. Another option is the manufacture of parts and keypads for dental equipment.


The process of liquid silicone injection molding makes it possible to create a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. These are used as components of equipment, such as gaskets, covers and custom rubber keypads.

Patient Care

One reason medical silicone rubber components are used in dentistry because they are durable and can withstand the wet environment of the mouth in patient care. They’re also tasteless and odorless, which makes it more palatable for patients. Old ideas with new twists on medical devices used in dentistry include components and coverings for drills, X-ray machines, lights and trays. Silicone rubber coatings over x-ray film cards, for example, prevent damage during the x-ray process. The silicone rubber doesn’t slip, deteriorate or cut into the patient’s mouth and gums.

silicone rubber tool partsDental Procedures

There are also new options for equipment used in performing routine dental procedures. Instruments for cleanings, filling cavities, checking teeth and removing sponges now come with adjustable silicone rubber bands to help identify instruments and aid in proper placement of the dentist’s hand on the base. They’re also used in rails with instrument management kits to clean, store and sterilize equipment. Non-slip hand grips are used on advanced equipment for soundless drills and fluoride treatments.


When installing new dental appliances, polishing tips made of medical liquid silicone injection molding create a smooth finish and high shine. They can be used with crowns, bridges and dentures without scratching or damaging the surface. Medical rubber molding tips on the market include cups, points and discs.

dental-x-ray-rubber-keypadRubber Keypads

Among the latest advancements in dentistry are new capabilities in equipment. From x-ray machines to dental drills, lighting and water dispenser controls, medical keypad molding companies can produce custom products that match new designs and offer a variety of functions.

Disposable Dental Equipment

One of the newer disposable dental products is a silicone rubber mouth prop, which helps patients keep an open access point during long procedures. It’s especially effective for pediatric dentistry and senior care. These and other products have a low cost of manufacture and a high level of durability and customization.

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