Si Tech’s proprietary laser marking system, LaserEdge, is a fast and inexpensive way to create molded keypads suitable for backlit displays. Our customers have discovered backlighting adds significant value to their products.

Backlighting Makes Devices Easier to Use

Trying to use a device in low lighting conditions can be frustrating. Unless a customer is intimately familiar with the controls, it will be hard to find the right keys. Backlit molded keypads are usable even in total darkness and allow your product to be used in a wider range of environmental conditions.

Older customers find backlit keys easier to use than traditional controls. The normal vision changes we experience as we age make it harder to see small details, especially in dim light. Many electronic devices aimed at older people deal with this by using oversized keys and large fonts, but not all equipment can easily incorporate these bulky controls. Backlighting makes the keys on molded keypads significantly easier to read and can allow users with fading vision to use them more easily.

Some of our clients use backlighting in more creative ways, lighting up only certain keys rather than the entire display. Devices designed for use in multiple modes might highlight certain controls depending on current control settings. Users can more easily find the right keys when needed.

Manufacturers shouldn’t underestimate the aesthetic factor of backlit molded keypads, especially when using colored lights. Even if the backlighting serves no functional purpose, they add a wow factor that makes your product stand out from the competition.

Designing Molded Keypads for Backlighting

Si Tech’s unique LaserEdge marking technology put this exciting design option in the reach of any of our clients. Precision computer control ensures the most complicated graphics on our molded keypads are produced just right every time.

Our clients should be aware that backlighting will have an effect on the final look of the keypad. While traditional, non-backlit graphics turn out in predictable ways, backlit graphics may not look quite like the customer expected if not carefully constructed. The lighting can sharpen graphics but might also wash out complex designs. A backlit keypad design that looks great in bright light or darkness ends up being faded and indistinct in low light conditions

Si Tech has the experience you need to overcome these challenges. We advise you on how backlighting will affect the appearance of the keypads and help you tweak the design to get the most usable control system possible. Our fast prototyping process provides you with mockups of the final keypad that you can assemble and test in a variety of lighting conditions. With our guidance you will design a keypad your users will love.

We have seen a growing interest in backlit molded keypads in response to our LaserEdge laser marking system. We are proud to offer this exceptional technology that improves the usability and aesthetics of your electronic devices. Take your products to a new level by adding backlit controls.