Graphic Considerations“Lock the door behind you!” You’ve probably heard this phrase on countless occasions when leaving your home or office. It’s a phrase meant to ensure security for a specific area or building – a lock ensures that only those with the key are able to get in. Even though the idea of a mechanical lock and key is nothing new, it is not immune to change. As technology has done with nearly every area of society – it is changing the way we provide security to the home and workplace.

One of the major evolutions of locks and keys has come in the form of Electronic Access Systems, a system that is providing convenience and innovation in a number of ways. As our society becomes saturated with smart phones, smart TV’s, and smart appliances, the next iteration of technological breakthrough is coming in the form of smart locks.

By replacing your mechanical lock and key with an electronic access system, you may be able to take advantage of a host of new features, including:


  • Keyless keypad entry
  • Remote control
  • Control over user access
  • Collection of data from access
  • Pre programed locking and unlocking

As society makes the jump to electronic systems, it is important for manufacturers to deliver a quality made product for these consumers. For this reason, silicone is being used in most modern electronic access systems. The versatility and cost-efficiency of a silicone keypad makes it a perfect fit for electronic access systems of all kinds. Imagine the convenience of going up to your door, entering a 4-digit code on your keypad and being granted access. No more lost or stolen keys, no more changing your locks, and no more carrying hundreds of keys with you. Keypad entry systems are just another way that silicone is creating a safer and more convenient world.

At SiTECH, it is our honor to partner with manufacturers of electronic access systems to provide products that exceed the standard of quality. We create custom keypad solutions designed with the consumer in mind. Need help with your next keypad project? Visit us on our website today.