Sometimes during the process of making products and filling orders, timetables can be moved up unexpectedly. Perhaps a large order has been placed for your product and you require additional liquid silicone injection molding components or custom rubber keypads for the final manufacturing process. You will need to know how much it’s going to cost to see if you can produce it, so you’ll need an estimate as soon as possible. In other cases, there could be a delay from your client, followed by a demand for a quick response on pricing for your product. One way to solve this issue is to contact Si-TECH for a same-day quote. With some basic information, we are able to respond within 24 hours with an estimate to let you know how much your custom rubber keypads or liquid silicone injection molding parts will cost.
By offering a same-day quote response, we can help you solve your cost analysis issues and assure your clients or company managers that you are on budget and have everything under control. There are three ways you can help us to serve you better with an accurate estimate and quick response:
Contact Information
Provide us with your name, email address and phone number. This will help us to contact you if we have additional questions regarding the details of your project that might affect the pricing or availability of services.
Description of Services
Our estimate contact form gives you space to tell us about the basics and some details of your project. We’ll need to know the color, quantity and type of product you need, whether it’s a backlit rubber keypad or a liquid silicone injection molding component or gasket. A timetable is also helpful in preparing your estimate.
The more details we have about your components, the more accurate we can be with your cost and delivery estimate. We ask for certain attachments so that our engineers can take a look at your specification drawings and images. Even if they don’t make sense to you, they will probably make sense to us. They will key us in to size, material pliability and color. We can accept nearly any type of document, such as .DOC, .PDF and .JPG.
SiTECH is ITAR registered and compliant. We have the appropriate paperwork you need to provide for military keypad molding and other components in your finished product. Since we are based in Virginia and are an ITAR certified silicone injection molding manufacturer, your shipping time will be much shorter than companies from overseas.
For more information or for an estimate, you can either contact us by phone at (757) 887-8488 or use our electronic quote contact form.