Retrofit old technology and improve new cutting-edge military technology with silicone rubber components. At SiTECH we work to provide high quality military rubber keypads and components that meet exact design parameters and specifications for your manufacturing needs. One way to ensure that the new innovations in military technology meet the needs of those using them is to create the actual products with high quality components through ITAR-certified manufacturers.

ITAR Compliance

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations or ITAR, is a set of rules for U.S. manufacturers, exporters, and brokers of defense and military related technologies as defined on the United States Munitions List (USML). The USML is a list of articles, services, and related technology designated as defense, military, or space related by the US Federal Government. Components that make up USML systems must meet ITAR requirements before export. SiTECH is an ITAR certified rubber molding manufacturer based in Virginia. All custom silicone keypads manufactured by SiTECH are fully ITAR compliant.

Design Elements

Liquid silicone injection molding is a reliable, advanced process that creates more precise results and more durable products than that of the gum-stock of compression molding. Silicone rubber molded products are significantly lighter than metal components. Military operations require lightweight computer equipment, communications devices and surveillance tools for efficient mobility. Their light weight is also crucial for compact air flight and freight transport. In cases of sensitive information or areas that require security access custom rubber key pads are the ideal choice. Raised buttons make it easy to distinguish keys even in low light conditions.


Military rubber keypads manufactured with the silicone injection molding process have built-in electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, making electronic communication and verbal transmissions simpler. In addition, special coating such as SiCoat V™ further shield surveillance tools and communications devices from electronic interface. This creates a permanently bonding crosslink to custom keypad products in simple and elaborate conductive pads and shapes. In conditions where users may be in danger from poisonous gases, smoke or dust in inhospitable environments, robots are sent in for military recon or public safety search and rescue. Silicone rubber is used for connective parts and protective skin to improve the capabilities of state-of-the art technology. When special coatings are applied to these rubber parts, they become resistant to abrasion and certain chemicals. Another type of coating enables adhesive attachment to certain materials that is otherwise difficult to implement. Abrasion, bonding, conductive and chemical coating are all available options.

At SiTECH We use high quality materials and injection molding processes to create custom rubber keypads, as well as commercial and military silicone rubber components. For more information on how SiTECH can work with your company to help create new and innovative products call our office at 757-887-8488.