medical-keypad-manufacturingAs medical technology becomes more sophisticated, the use of electronics makes it easier for healthcare professionals to diagnose and take care of their patients. New designs are developed to create diagnostic tools, communications devices and other medical equipment. Many of them use medical keypad molding with custom layouts and functions to improve their usability. Mobile devices with specific buttons to increase efficiency and accuracy are an important tool in medical facilities such as doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics and urgent care centers.

Mobile Devices

Some of the latest digital applications used with mobile devices enable doctors and nurses to use applications and electronic equipment to get up-to-date information. Any member of the staff at a hospital or doctor’s office can walk into any room and take a medical history or access a patient’s chart. The days of clipboards and handwritten instructions are over. One of the most widespread uses of electronic patient care technology is reading and accessing electronic medical records. Easy navigation of the information is necessary so that all of the critical information is available. For example, patient allergies, triage history and medical prescriptions are important details for every healthcare worker to know when coming in contact with the patient.

Medical Keypad Manufacturing

When designing devices to run apps in the healthcare industry, medical keypad manufacturing is an important part of what makes the device work efficiently and effectively. To access the information easily, the mobile devices used by medical staff need to correspond to the tasks they perform regularly. Medical keypad molding should be designed with the appropriate buttons and functions to in place to activate with just a few touches. An electronic medical chart often requires the user to flip through several layers of a chart, making arrows and directional buttons an important part of the device, for example.

EMI Shielding

One of the most challenging parts of operating electronic devices in a hospital or urgent care facility is that there are many machines that can produce electromagnetic interference (EMI). This can hamper the functionality of the device. A conductive silicone-based coating can be used in silicone keypad applications to prevent EMI and provide shielding. This reduces the problems associated with using electronic medical records and hi-tech machinery in close proximity to each other. EMI shielding from a conductive silicone-based coating on medical keypad molding can also broaden the capabilities of other machinery. For example, some diagnostic tools and scanners can do more than take pictures. Accessing and manipulating the images moments later or from anywhere in the office makes it easier for doctors, nurses and other staff members to provide the best medical care possible.

Keeping Equipment Clean

Custom silicone keypads on handheld devices and attached to diagnostic tools is ideal for these clean environments. They are easy to disinfect and sterilize as needed. A chemical-resistant coating improves the durability of silicone rubber to wear, lipids and petroleum-based chemicals to increase their lifespan and effectiveness.

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