Si Tech’s custom silicone keypads offer our clients an endless array of flexible control design possibilities. When those keypads are part of complete control subassemblies, manufacturers can offer the same flexibilities to their clients.

Gives Choices To Your Customers

Imagine a control panel that can be removed from a machine and mounted somewhere else. That’s exactly what a modular control design can do for you. You can design your product with multiple control panel ports, and end users can decide which is most convenient for their needs. Ideal control placement will vary based on the machine’s location, as well as the dimensions of the surrounding space.

You can also offer different control layouts to meet each customer’s needs. Controls can be grouped differently on each layout, ideally suited for different users. In control design, common functions are grouped together and placed for easy access while less frequently used controls are put out of the way. However each client will have a different idea of which functions should be emphasized, and with modular controls you can give clients that choice.

More Comfortable Operation

Each operator could move the modularized custom silicone keypads to a preferred location on the device for easier access. A machine might have an operator who uses it for hours at a time so needs controls located for used while seated. That same machine could be used in another facility, but accessed infrequently and for a few minutes at a time. Modular controls could be moved for easy access while standing.

For even more flexibility, custom silicone keypads could be mounted on swing arms. Users can move the controls through a wide range of positions, adjusting for worker height or handedness, or moving controls out of the way when they are not needed. Every worker gets a workstation tailored to their exact needs.

Introduce New Control Designs

As you work with your customers, new ideas about the layout of custom silicone keypads will be discovered. You redesign your products to accommodate new ideas and come out with new models, but what about the equipment already out there? With the old design mentality, those customers are stuck with older, less efficient control designs.

With this new, modular design philosophy your clients can purchase new custom silicone keypads to replace the older designs. It allows them to upgrade to the latest control technology, without having to replace the entire machine. You have the ability to offer a whole range of new control options, even to the point of creating custom controls for every buyer or even every user.

Modular construction combines the additional features of flexible design with the cost benefits of mass production. The core device design is the same for every client, but controls are tailored to each buyer’s needs.