The Versatility of Injection Molding

Blue jeans are a mainstay in American fashion thanks in part to their tremendous versatility.  Think about it, they can be dressed up with a suit jacket, dressed down with a t shirt, worn for leisure or for a hard day’s work, and just about everything in between. The beauty of blue jeans is that… Read more »

Is Liquid Silicone Rubber the Right Choice for your Product?

Without great materials, even the best product designs will fall on their face during manufacturing and testing. At SiTECH, we take pride in using the absolute best raw materials for custom keypads and other products. We never take the easy way out, that is why we use only the highest quality Dow and GE liquid… Read more »

Types of Silicone Rubber

No matter what you’re purchasing, it’s always good to know your options. Not all products are created equal. Usually they are differentiated by their build quality which includes the design, manufacturing process, and materials used. In order to set your product up for success, its best to start with quality raw materials. Already, many engineers… Read more »

What is Custom Silicone Molding?

There is nothing quite like a custom fit. Whether it’s an article of clothing, embroidering, color, or other unique options, a custom product just fits better. At SiTECH, we offer customization with one of the most versatile materials in manufacturing, silicone.  Over the last half century, silicone has replaced countless other materials because of its… Read more »

Complications of Measuring Translucency

With the growing need for backlit silicone rubber products, translucent silicone rubber has become much more popular. The translucency can vary as well as the color of the silicone itself. No longer does the silicone have to only be a translucent generic white. But with the growing demand for translucent silicone keypads and components, comes… Read more »