Complications of Measuring Translucency

With the growing need for backlit silicone rubber products, translucent silicone rubber has become much more popular. The translucency can vary as well as the color of the silicone itself. No longer does the silicone have to only be a translucent generic white. But with the growing demand for translucent silicone keypads and components, comes… Read more »

Types of Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is made up of silicone (a polymer) containing silicone with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. At SiTECH, we used Dow and GE Silicones – combined with our technology and high-quality materials, we can provide you with a better quality custom keypad compared to other competitors. Liquid & Gumstock Silicone material is supplied to our… Read more »

Benefits of Partnering with SiTECH for Product Developers

Bringing a new product to market is one of the most difficult tasks in business. There are countless forgotten ideas and concepts that may have been great on paper, but they weren’t successful as a physical product. The men and woman who develop these products already know how difficult it can be do bring a… Read more »

Why Should You Use Silicone Rubber?

Silicone rubber has gained a reputation as being one of the most versatile and resilient materials to work with. Silicone elastomers were developed in the 1900’s and have been steadily increasing the amount of products they are in ever since. The reasons silicone rubber are used vary from application to application, but the main few… Read more »

Support US-based SiTECH and Military-Grade Products

Independence Day celebrations have already wrapped up, but if you are in the market for a reliable silicone manufacturer, you can continue to celebrate our great nation. SiTech is proud to be headquartered in the United States, and we also manufacturer all of our silicone products right here at our state of the art facility… Read more »