5 Myths About Custom Rubber Keypad Technology

While the quality of custom rubber keypads has improved with technology over the past several years, the higher level of quality of liquid silicone injection molding isn’t always familiar to those who don’t work with it every day. As a result, there are some misconceptions about silicone rubber keypads and components that are still accepted… Read more »

What is a Rapid Prototype and How Can it Help You?

The demand for prototypes is growing rapidly. More and more companies are requesting a visual representation of their product for marketing, logistics, and design purposes. Rapid prototypes can be used to help each of these areas within your company, and in a cost effective way. Here at SiTECH we offer silicone rubber rapid prototypes which… Read more »

6 Ways Silicone Rubber Molding Makes Your Product More Marketable

By making adjustments to your product’s exterior in the design phase, you can make it more marketable to potential customers once it hits the shelves. One marketing solution that’s growing in popularity is the silicone rubber skin. It’s useful in a wide range of products, from computer technology to sports equipment to school supplies. By… Read more »

Creating Custom Graphic Designs with LaserEdge Technology

Here at SiTECH, we offer the capability to not only print ink onto your injection molded liquid silicone keypads, but to laser etch graphic designs as well using our proprietary LaserEdge system. Our LaserEdge system is extremely useful when crisp and precise graphics are needed on an intricate designed silicone keypad or component. Our laser… Read more »

Essential Design Elements for Military Rubber Keypads

When it comes to designing rubber keypads and components for the military, there are several factors to keep in mind. Silicone rubber can be molded to create military products made to exact specifications, but the ability to conform to design is only one advantage of this unique material. It’s also used to enhance security, mobility… Read more »

Three Styles of Graphics For Your Silicone Keypads

Here at SiTECH we offer the capability of adding graphic artwork to your liquid silicone rubber molded keypad or part. All graphics, positive or negative are surface printed to the keypad. These graphics use a proprietary silicone ink that bond to the keypad during the curing process. SiTECH has the capability to match color consistency… Read more »

Robotics and Silicone Rubber: Embracing Reality With Technology

Robots are no longer the wave of the future. The wave is here. As electronic technology has vastly improved the capabilities of robotics over the past several years, their development has flourished. While many of the duties carried out by today’s robots are tasks that are too dangerous for people, they also have the ability… Read more »