Simple on the Outside and Complex on the Inside

One of the most difficult questions our customers deal with, is how to create the best custom keypad. Based on our experience, customers want to offer many features in their devices, but do not want to create a complex keypad or control system that will be difficult to use. We have found that focusing on… Read more »

How the Hospitality Industry Can Benefit from Plastic Injection Molding

What is it that separates good hotels from great hotels? Some might say customer service or amenities, but what about personal touch and attention to detail? For premium hotel brands, a personal touch goes well beyond choosing the type of soap; it is ingrained in the brand and culture of the hotel. Everyone from the… Read more »

Key Questions to Ask SiTECH before Starting an Injection Molding Project

A wise man once said, it’s best to “plan your work and then work your plan.” Although we don’t know if this person was planning a silicone injection molding project, the advice still applies. Before you jump into a liquid silicone project, there are a few questions to be answered. In order to get the… Read more »

Liquid Silicone Rubber for Medical Devices

A medical doctor has to endure years of rigorous study and examination before being able to practice medicine. From a biology degree to medical school and then a residency. These medical professionals have worked extremely hard to earn the trust and expertise that allow them to work in the medical field. None of them would… Read more »

Is Your Silicone Keypad Cracking Under Pressure?

One of the biggest issues we have found with offshore silicone rubber keypads, is their tendency to crack in the field. There are multiple factors that can cause a silicone rubber keypad to crack, but the main factors are: Coatings, Diaphragm Inconsistencies, and Materials. Due to the flexible nature of silicone rubber, adding a hard… Read more »

Why Touchscreens Aren’t Always Better

As technology has moved forward, it seems like nearly every piece of hardware has a touch screen interface. Touchscreens have become a hit with consumers on products such as the iPad and other tablets and smartphones. Computers have been controlled by a mouse and keyboard for nearly two decades, but even this type of equipment… Read more »

Investing Into the Future of Your Product With Rapid Prototyping

More and more companies are learning from past mistakes when it comes to developing a product. Companies are prototyping out designs on a much larger scale than ever before. In the case of liquid injected silicone rubber keypads and components, this is due to technological improvements that have significantly sped up the amount of time… Read more »