There have been some exciting developments in the world of medical design. We’ve seen it first-hand at Si Tech. The latest medical and industrial equipment has features that were once unthinkable. They are called silicone-based keypads. These keypads have a fluid touch and feel, and they can be used on all different types of equipment and devices.

If it’s hard for you to imagine, take a step back in your mind to a day when you pushed a button on a keypad and felt it move. When you pushed down on a key with your finger, the key physically moved downward. Depending on its design, the key would then sprung back up in place or stay depressed on the board. If it stayed down, you could depress it again to make it come up and turn off the device. This type of keypad took up a lot of space and time, but you knew what you had.

Over the past few decades, that medical keypad manufacturing technology has been replaced with a flat, hard surface with a thin coating overtop. It’s touch sensitive. If you push on the labeled square, you have a result. You have either turned something on or off. This is a little bit tricky with some items – the ones that count in life or death situations, for example. If you are in the medical field, you don’t want to guess about what it is on and what is off. You don’t want to guess as to whether you hit the square in just the right place in a critical moment. This can be disconcerting for anyone, especially for those with large fingertips. While it is widely used in the medical field, there is a new advancement that is even better.

The latest in medical technology lets you feel the button press without applying a lot of pressure, and without wondering whether you were successful or not. If you need special equipment with unique keypads, you might want to try this. We have one of the newest technological advances in medical keypad manufacturing. Imagine placing a keypad anywhere you need one without making space below for buttons, and knowing that you will feel it working. Not only can you feel the pad depress, but you can actually read what it says, too. This is done with keypad laser etching. It makes crucial identification easy. The new medical keypads have abrasion-resistant coating that is added to the surface. This protects anything important from being rubbed off and has improved durability under constant use.

These new features in medical keypad manufacturing are used on our silicone-based pads and come in a variety of colors and depths. Unlike typical medical keypad manufacturing, the new medical equipment keypads can be custom designed to make waves and grooves in the silicone surface. It does not have to be a flat surface with flat, square keys. For those not interested in medical equipment, this technology can also be used for other purposes, like military keypads and other high-tech purposes. If you can create the design, we can create a prototype.