Cupid’s Heart Is Safer With Silicone Rubber Keypads

Don’t let Valentine’s Day die; even Cupid may suffer cardiac arrest and need the availability of medical equipment that utilizes silicone rubber keypads and gaskets. Medical devices often contain silicone rubber components such as medical keypad molding. Of the various devices that exist in the medical industry today, the invention of defibrillators and monitors has… Read more »

Silicone Keypads and Products From Offshore or US

There are many issues that need to be evaluated when deciding between offshore and US manufacturing of silicone keypads and products. They include: ·    Communication ·    Design Support ·    Quality ·    Shipping Time ·    Color and Tool Approval ·    Expediting ·    Materials ·    ITAR Certified Molding Companies There are few reasons companies decide to buy… Read more »

Adapting ITAR-Certified Rubber Keypads to Security Stations

As workplace security continues to become an area of heightened focus for many businesses, the use of custom silicone keypads over other materials for electronic entry to buildings and secured floors is becoming more common. Silicone rubber keypads are more comfortable to the touch and take less force to depress than the older, harder types… Read more »