Danfoss 4The use of touch screens in manufacturing, and commercial equipment has increased drastically over the last few years. While some applications may benefit from the use of a touch screen, there are many applications where the use of touch screens actually increases the cost of the equipment, or hinders the use. In many applications however, it would benefit the consumer to have a custom silicone rubber keypad instead. Below are a few reasons why you may want to re-think the use of a touch screen in your application.

The number one issue with the use of touch screens is fingerprints and smudges. The problem is, that even someone who has just washed their hands has the possibility of leaving fingerprints on the touch screen. Fingerprints are typically caused by small traces of oils from your fingertips. While fingerprints may not cause the touch screen to malfunction all the time, they still hinder the visibility of the screen.

IPad_with_extensive_fingerprints_and_smudgesMost touch screens have difficulties registering commands when the operator is wearing gloves. In work places where gloves are a must, this can be a real hindrance to productivity and cycle times. SiTECH’s custom rubber keypads have no problems working when operators use gloves. In fact SiTECH has a special chemical resistant coating that helps protect the silicone rubber from harsh chemicals.

The simplistic feel of a keypad allows you to train your hands to the positioning of key locations. Touch screens unfortunately have no “feel” to their keys and often require operators to constantly be watching the screen. This can cause a decrease in productivity over time.

One of the main reasons to use a Custom silicone rubber keypad is the fact that they last. Over time a touch screen will become scratched, or even damaged. These can be minor from cosmetic surface scratches to unrepairable broken equipment. Our keypads at SiTech are built to take the abuse of heavy operations, and will often outlast a touch screen in a harsh environment. Not to mention the added benefit of being easily replaced versus an expensive touch screen.

Touchscreens are ideal interfaces for some electronics, but realistically only a limited number of them. Custom silicone keypads provide an inexpensive and sturdy interface solution that will last years after touchscreens wear out. At SiTECH we have a vast knowledge and experience dealing with the custom silicone rubber keypads. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your silicone rubber needs please call us at 757-887-8488 or simply submit a quote online here.