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Little kids love pushing buttons. Products using custom silicone rubber keypads have grown in popularity as the capabilities in connecting functions to buttons has become more sophisticated. Some of the latest designs in children’s toys have buttons that do fun and interesting things. That’s part of what makes adult items, like TV remotes and computer mice, so enticing to kids and why these types of toys are so popular. There are different designs that attract kids to products among specific age and developmental groups. Two of the main points in creating a modern toy to draw a child’s interest are durability and layout. Let’s take a look at some of the elements that draw the attention and joy of children and their parents that can be implemented through the use of custom silicone rubber keypads and components.

Remote Controls

Kids love toys that move, light up and make noises. Remote controls can activate electric cars and animals, or nothing at all. Custom rubber keypads need to be durable and easy to clean, especially when it comes to making sure that buttons work like they’re supposed to. Selecting the right shapes and surface finishes helps children understand the remote control’s function. Whether it’s turning something on or off, or pressing a special button to make a horn sound, each button on a remote control toy should have a noticeable purpose.

Toy Rubber Keypads

Some toys have custom rubber keypads and buttons as their main feature. While most adults need a minimal amount of force to activate keys on a keypad, children are more comfortable when they can feel a distinct depression for each button to know that it’s working. When it comes to pushing buttons, the cash register is a prime target for little fingers. For example, small children who like to visit the Land of Make Believe are comfortable with the concept of buying groceries and selling things to unsuspecting customers, like their parents, neighbors and friends. They need larger buttons with big symbols and numbers that are easy to distinguish during their transactions. Choosing brightly colored buttons with high contrast colors in durable silicone inks is always a wise choice during the design phase.


Toys that light up hold the attention of toddlers and school-age children. Using backlit rubber keypads in toy design is a likely source of product popularity. As a key is pressed, it lights up as its main function. Children’s toy cellphones, for example, are a great source of pretend calls and creative conversations. Backlighting makes them more interesting.

Keeping Them Clean

When silicone rubber molding is integrated into the design, toys can be cleaned without ruining the functionality of the toy. Parents can wipe down rubber keypads and components with mild soap and warm water when they get dirty. As part of keeping kids safe and healthy, this is an important step in toy design. For submersible features, wraparound silicone rubber components can prevent leaks, cracks and crevices that would otherwise make the toys unusable. Adding chemical coatings to protect the surface from swelling or loss of strength are another option. This step is added during the manufacturing process of the custom keypads and toy components.

As children’s toys become more innovative and interactive, they become more captivating. For more information on how to make your toy product better with the use of custom rubber keypads and silicone rubber molding components, visit our SiTECH Application Guide.