Depending on the type of device you’re using, you may need seamless construction from your liquid silicone injection molding. When the keypad is small, you may not give it a second thought, since one-piece construction is often assumed. For larger pieces of equipment with intricate curves and shapes, it might be more complicated for some fabricators to create a single unit with no breaks between sections or moving parts. Our process eliminates most of those challenges. There are many reasons you might need a single, seamless piece of liquid silicone injection molding on your design.
Whenever there is a joint in construction, it weakens the structure itself. If physical pressure and endurance is a factor – in military keypad molding for example – single-piece construction may be preferred in a rugged environment where there is a lot of stress on the device.
Keeping It Clean
Depending on the environment, keyboards and other devices can be subjected to all types of abuse from spills to weather to chemicals. You can use seamless construction of liquid silicone injection molding to prevent dirt and liquids from penetrating the surface through crevices and seams. It preserves the integrity of the unit and makes it easier to keep it clean. There are also sealing features available to protect it further from dust, liquids and gases, if needed.
Visually Appealing
Sometimes splitting a device into sections or parts has no physical effect on durability or what it does. Simply put, sometimes it just looks better. Using the SiTECH liquid silicone injection molding, you can custom design the single-piece construction with the exact shape and size needed. If someone else has created the design for you, SiTECH can use their specification standards. For example, we can use MIL-SPEC standards to fabricate military keypad molding for electronics workstations, outdoor equipment and security checkpoints.