Rubber keypads and custom silicone molding components are used in a wide variety of industries. Their versatility allows them to feature prominently in the automotive field. From interior to exterior to under the hood, custom silicone molding is ideal for use in custom keypads, engine parts, and as gaskets and trim. Custom silicone molding is also useful for after-market auto accessories. After a component is designed, a mold is made by a silicone injection molding company using the specification drawing provided for proper shape, size, weight and thickness. Once the mold is created, it can be used repeatedly to make dozens, hundreds and thousands of replicate parts as needed by the vehicle or auto accessory manufacturer.

Most modern vehicles now use custom keypads in the dashboard design for interior controls. Complex housings and key shapes can be produced economically for three-dimensional use. Drivers can adjust music, lighting, climate, cruise control, windows, door locks and windshield wipers with the push of a button. This creates convenience, but also makes vehicle operation safer while driving. Custom keypads can be used on the dashboard, steering wheel or even on the armrest without drivers taking their eyes off the road for more than a moment. These custom keypads can also incorporate backlighting so that they are easier to see, especially at night. Laser marking is used to clearly identify the function of each button to avoid confusion on the part of the operator. Laser marking on silicone keypads lasts much longer than plastic stickers or other methods.

Custom silicone molding is frequently used on vehicle exteriors as trim for practical and aesthetic enhancements. Because liquid rubber molding is waterproof and wind-resistant, is it ideal for applications on fenders, windshield wipers and gas tank door bumpers, for example. It is also very useful for signal and light housing gaskets, drain plugs and even license plate fixtures. For higher line vehicles, these custom components can be color-matched to the auto’s exterior. While useful in car manufacturing, this is especially helpful for after-market accessories and replacement parts where a standard black color would stand out miserably.

Under the Hood
Liquid rubber molding is highly heat resistant. Where plastic melts and metal becomes extremely hot, rubber molding offers efficiency and peace of mind. It’s used for tubing, gaskets and as exterior shielding for a variety of auto parts that conduct air and fluids. Made to manufacturer’s specifications, they prolong the life of engines and of the vehicles themselves.

When designing new automotive parts and accessories or improving existing ones, rubber keypads and custom silicone molding components are versatile, cost-effective solutions.