sicoat-51Benjamin Franklin was one of our nations founding fathers, but he also played many other roles in shaping history. As a politician, Franklin helped draft the Declaration of Independence, as an entrepreneur he ran a successful printing business; however, one of his greatest accomplishments may have been his discovery and study of electrical currents. Beginning with with an experiment that utilized a kite and lightening, Franklin invented the worlds first lightning rod. This invention laid the ground work for modern science on electricity and conductivity.

We’ve come a long way from Franklin’s invention – cars are now electric, cities are run on a power grid, and we know much more about conducting electricity. When it comes to creating silicone keypads, conductivity is crucial. Of course, silicone rubber is designed to be an insulator of electricity, but when you go to press a key, it is crucial that the electric signals are able to communicate on the other side of the rubber. This is where conductive coatings come in.

Each keypad is made for a unique and specific application and this is why it is important to consider the use of a conductive silicone coating for your product. Conductive coatings offer a cross-link bond to silicone keypad products.  When you need to ensure that your keypads are functioning at their peak, in each and every situation, a conductive coating is a must.

The next time you need to fill a silicone keypad order for your next product, Ben Franklin is probably not the first person on your mind. However, it was his invention that has allowed SiTECH to create the state of the art SiCoat V, our conductive coating which has surpassed more than one million actuation cycles with negligible increase in resistivity.

Regardless of what industry or application your next silicone keypad will be used in, SiTECH has the experience and know-how to make your silicone keypad perfect, down to the last detail. Give us a call today at 757- 887- 8488 to find out how our conductive coating can help create the perfect keypad for any industry or application.