How can you offset the cost of manufacturing your product in the United States? Many businesses don’t feel they can be profitable or competitive enough due to the higher costs of manufacturing goods domestically. However, there are many hidden costs and other matters to consider when purchasing products offshore. SiTECH can assist you with your silicone rubber products’ journey from inception to implementation.

Why Choose A Domestic Supplier?

When you are choosing a manufacturing company for your silicone rubber keypad or component needs, whether it may be a new product or an existing one you are working to improve, you need to consider either new shoring or reshoring. There are many products made from silicone rubber. For example, it may be a piece of medical equipment or military keypad molding, or components for the automotive or aerospace industries.

SiTECH-CorpNew shoring is the creation of new jobs, new products and investing in assets in your own city, state and country. Reshoring is bringing the manufacturing of existing products back to the United States. Choosing a domestic supplier for your silicone rubber keypads or gaskets which require liquid silicone injection molding processes will help to assure you are receiving a quality product while supporting the economical growth of the United States.

Changes in International Manufacturing

Many businesses have turned to the international community for their manufacturing needs due to the lower cost of producing goods. However, overseas manufacturing has other drawbacks and there is a growing effort to bring production jobs back to American soil.

Labor costs are on the rise in other countries, and the gap is not as great as it used to be. Most foreign silicone rubber manufacturers use compression molding. It is more labor intensive than liquid silicone injection molding, which is what SiTECH uses. This is one example of how reshoring to the United States can be more cost effective.

Many businesses are seeing a decreased quality of their products, and Americans are being drawn to products that state “Made in America.” The lack of quality may increase a business’s expenses due to more products being returned, recalls having to be put in place, or cause a decrease in sales.

The shipping charges are much greater, especially if it is necessary to expedite products due to a sudden change in supply and demand. Increased transit times may create a higher risk of products being damaged or lost in transit. Imported products many times incur custom fees and duty charges. Costs for international travel due to engineering and manufacturing being located in different countries are much greater than domestic travel.

There is also a greater risk for an idea to be stolen, and duplication of it becomes a reality. Inferior lookalike products are flooding the marketplace and can injure the reputation of a product or company. Silicone rubber products should be prototyped and built in the United States to help protect valuable ideas. You must have reliable sources for the implementation and production of your product.

ITAR-compliantSiTECH is a domestic corporation located in Newport News, Virginia, that does all manufacturing in-house. Our vast experience and knowledge in the production and screen printing of silicone rubber keypads can help to assure you receive a quality, consistent product each and every time. Be Proactive about ensuring your product is the best it can be from the beginning, it can become more costly to be reactive.