Part Shrinkage and Complex Molding

Molded liquid silicone rubber keypads and components shrink after the demolding process. The materials we use at SiTech typically shrink approximately 2-3% after the demolding process. There are a few factors that will cause the part shrinkage to be difficult to predict. They Include: The mold temperature. The more heat applied to the silicone, the… Read more »

Protective Coatings What is it and Do You Need It?

If you had a beautiful brand new Porsche, wouldn’t you want to protect the paint job? You’d be sure to park it away from other vehicles to avoid dings on the door, and of course you would be sure to wash and detail the car regularly. In addition to these precautions, you would most certainly… Read more »

What Is Laser Edge and When Do You Need It?

Remember when you had an old flip-phone with a traditional keypad? If it was anything like mine, the keypad eventually became worn out and unreadable. When it comes to silicone keypads, LaserEdge ™ from Si-Tech solves this problem. When making a silicone keypad, it is crucial to ensure that the keypad is user-friendly and readable…. Read more »

Sillicone Graphic Considerations

SiTECHspecializes in graphic artwork on silicone rubber keypads and components. We mainly use a screen print method to transfer the artwork to the silicone rubber. The ink we use is a proprietary silicone blend that bonds to the keypad during the curing process. Our artwork well exceeds the industry standard in abrasion and wear. SiTH… Read more »